Katharine Neuman received her Masters in City & Regional Planning with a concentration in Housing & Community Development and Urban Design/Historic Preservation at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 

Following completion of her Masters Program, Katharine went on to work for the City of Durham as a Project Manager in the Department of Economic & Workforce Development (OEWD).  Her projects included:

  • Project Lead for the Brownfields Job Training Program
  • Project Manager of the State of Durham’s Economy Convention, drawing state Senators and Representatives to highlight Durham’s fiscal and economic developments
  • Management & Tracking of funds from the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act within OEWD
  • Development of the Downtown Durham Commercial Property Enhancement Program
  • Reviewing and analyzing various RFPs for Neighborhood Commercial Streetscapes Projects
  • Grant Writer and Administrator

Katharine has conducted in-depth analysis on the impact of federal housing policies on local crime and economic development. 
More specifically, she partnered with the Durham Housing Authority and the Durham Police Department’s Crime Analysis Division to analyze the effects of HOPE VI and Section 8 housing on local crime. This project included extensive interviews with local residents, police officers, and public officials.

Katharine subsequently expanded her portfolio becoming a licensed residential real estate agent.  She closed over $7,000,000 in residential sales in the Research Triangle area. This has enabled her to add experience in residential economic development to her commercial and public sector portfolio. 

Now residing near Philadelphia, Katharine brings her experience and research expertise to RES economic development, market study and policy analysis assignments.